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FeelinGirl Black Women Sports Workout Capris Fitness Leggings Mesh Pants Gym Pant

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Product Description

FeelinGirl Black Women Sports Workout Capris Fitness Leggings Mesh Pants Gym Pant
*1. Fabric patent - E-FretchTechnology - high rebound fabric, open the era of no size. 360 ° drawing has no dead angle, the elongation reaches more than 300% in the vertical and horizontal directions, the recovery rate reaches 91% in the vertical and horizontal directions, and the recovery is very fast.
*2. Adhesive film technology - patented technology - honeycomb film 360 ° circular abdomen; comfortable and breathable.
*3. LIMAX-3D printing is a kind of semi water soluble silica gel printing technology which can stretch and support knitted fabric. After using this technology in the part of clothing, the change of biological force value of fabric tissue can strengthen the supporting force and tensile strength of fabric. Using LIMAX technology, the tensile recovery of knitted fabric can be increased from 65% - 85% to 75% - 95%; the pressure value of finished fabric can be increased from 3.6-8.5mpa to 4.0-12.5mpa. Limax not only has decorative and beautiful effect, but also has supporting, elastic compression, functional stretch protection and other auxiliary functions for human body. High resilience, strong visual appearance, strong support, strong shaping.


Find your size below with our one-of-a-kind & accurate size chart 
inches cm inches cm inches cm inches cm
Waist 23-30 60-78 30-33 78-84 33-35 84-90 35-39 90-100
Hips 31-39 80-100 39-43 100-110 43-47 110-120 47-51 120-130

Name Waist Hips Size Result
VIVI 65 105 S

The fabric is very butt looks great.

KISHI 78 104 S

Love it!!!I want to wear it every day.

ANNA 88 115 L

Fit me well!

97 114 XL

It’s hard for me to get the right pants .this is just right .


1. Lightweight and Stretchy.

2. It is ankle-length stretch leggings for women.

3. Breathable and comfortable for gym, goga, running, exercise, hiking, workout, fitness, or daily casual wearing.

4. Size from Small to XLarge, made with compression fabric.

5. Makes you look attractive, elegance, and fashion slim instantly.

Dressing Accasions:

>> Perfects for yoga, weight lifting, lunges, cross training, running or anything that agreed bending over, any type of workout, or everyday use.

The material of our high waist yoga pants is thick enough that not see through if you bend over, but not too thick that it becomes hot and uncomableable.


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