Trying out a new waist trainer that's unknown to you can make you doubt as to whether they're practical and worth the bucks. Not all shapewear brands can be trusted, and that's okay! It means you're wise as a consumer in choosing the right product that will benefit you.

If you haven't heard about FeelinGirl before, it's an online shop for shapewear, activewear, and fitness gear. FeelinGirl has its own manufacturing company that plan design and creates activewear with modern technology to help empower women to wear all the clothing they want.

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Buying from known shapewear brands has advantages because many loyal consumers have tried their products already. However, you have to understand that these known brands have many marketing budgets and have much backing from A-List celebrities and influencers. It means that you are probably paying a lot of money, mainly for their name. Do you want to pay for an overhyped product and probably costs less somewhere else?

What if you can get the same body shaper with way less money? Nowadays, buying from known brands may feel reassuring, but buying from a waist trainer company with years of experience in the business which offers high-quality, affordable and effective products are not only practical but highly essential!

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Please don't break your bank trying to get the best shapewear when you can get it at excellent prices at FeelinGirl! The before and after pictures of real customers will turn your head away from huge shapewear brands to FeelinGirl! If you're unsure which one to buy, you can always check FeelinGirl reviews to read real customers' testimonies and experiences on different waist cinchers and bodysuits.

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If you wish, you can also opt not to wear the belts that come with the shapewear you buy. You can wear it in or outside your yoga suits, just like our lovely plus-size customer.

As you can see, she has some fat rolls, but when she wore our plus-size women waist trainer, she immediately has an hourglass shape with the stomach rolls and love handles hidden. The waist trainer has instant stomach compression because of the durable and multi-layer fabric that can cinch and reduce your waist size.

waist trainer before and after

No matter your size, it's available from extra small to 9XL! Did you know that not many shapewear brands carry product sizes more than 6XL? Here at FeelinGirl, we are inclusive of any size and shapes to ensure that everybody has the opportunity for the most critical glow-up of their life!

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Our lovely FeelinGirl customer here wears waist trainers outside of clothing to create a cinched waist look. The great thing about this specific trainer is that it has two belts you can either wear or not. The straps are additional pressure to the tummy area that will have an extensive effect on your waist size if you use the waist trainer on a regular and long-term basis.

Wilber Lehner, our excellent customer who has his wife this FeelinGirl's Latex Double-Belt Waist Trainer, said, "The wife is happy with the belt and says that even after a short workout at the waist stands out enough sweat and feels warm. The main thing is not to tighten much so as not to pass internal organs. Seller recommends." Even if you're a guy, you can definitely gift the women in your life the best trainer to help them achieve the body satisfaction and confidence they need!

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Ms. Baleria Cruz said, "I have struggled for years to have a smoother look in my dresses that fit tighter than others! These high-waisted body shaper shorts is WONDERFUL! You can pull it up to your breast area for a smoother look from under the breast down to the lower thigh area. I am so excited about this product. I am going to order two more because I wear mines more than once a week. Measure because I believe I could have gone down a size without it being too tight for me to breathe. I love the rubber support that keeps the top from rolling down! Everything stays firmly in place!

No matter how small or big you are, you can benefit from a FeelinGirl waist trainer and bodysuit because it can cinch your waist area. It's available up to size 6XL like the woman in the photo. You can get this body shaper at FeelinGirl for just up to 60% off and free shipping in US over $70.

As you can see in the photos of before and after, she has side belly rolls and side bulges, but when she put on the body shaper, you can immediately see how she's zipping up the shapewear also smoothens her side fats.

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As you can also see from the side, you can observe that there aren't many fat rolls compared to if she wasn't wearing a full body shaper. The excellent factor about this shapewear is that she can wear her bra underneath, which is more comfortable throughout the day.

The hooks are also convenient because she can close the bodysuit first to ensure that it won't unzip. It has high-quality moisture-wicking fabric to avoid nasty sweats sticking onto your skin.

shapewear before and after

In this second honest review, you can immediately see that she has a bulging stomach that goes beyond the full-body suit, but when she finally zipped up the shapewear, you can tell that it cinched her tummy area.

It has three rows of hooks to ensure that the shapewear is closed well at the same time for optimum body-cinching effect.

It also has butt pads that will make your bottoms look rounder and firmer under tight-fitting clothes. It's a full-body shaper that aims to improve your over-all stance by showing off your best curves.

It's currently has big discount, an affordable price compared to the benefits you'll be getting with any clothing you wear!

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You can notice that her midsection is less plump compared to the before picture. Her red dress complements her gorgeous skin and her body by ensuring that the body shaper compresses her tummy area through its stomach control capability.

If you look closely at her body's silhouette on the top photo, she has a more visible "tummy bump" on the before pictures than the after picture. On the bottom photo, you can also notice that she has less visible side belly fat. With this, it's safe to say that the full-body shaper with thigh trimmer effectively helps her have a better body posture, cinching her waist and reducing the appearance of fat and belly rolls. She also has a curvier figure closer to an hourglass shape, even if her dress is a bit loose.

Bodysuits like this are excellent options if you're a beginner in using shapewear because, unlike traditional waist trainers, this helps with tummy control while still allowing you to be comfortable and breathe easily. 


In this photo, she's wearing Feelingirl's plus-size slimming bodysuit for women. She has visible belly rolls, but you can notice that she has a smoother silhouette with fewer fat rolls when she wears the shapewear. It's because the body shaper has multi-layer fabric that compresses your waist and tummy area. Before zipping up the shapewear, there are also bands for closure to keep the body shaper together and prevent automatic unzipping when breathing or doing rigorous activities like working out.

The improved inner layer of the fabric is there to help you become more comfortable when you sweat. Though you can wear the bodysuit as is, you can still wear a bra underneath, especially if you're gifted in that area. You won't have difficulty putting it on and off because of its skin-friendly materials, and you can go to the comfort room anytime because of its crotchless design! 

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Our beautiful plus-size customer wears a bodysuit that highlights her curvaceous bottoms and busts by ensuring that the body shaper smoothens her midsection's rolls and muffin tops.

Bodysuits like this are excellent for tight-fitting dresses like her bright white and red bodycon maxi dress.

Cathie Billingsley said, "I ordered a medium (shapewear). I have a 41 inches hip and 33 inches waist(line). Adjustable shoulder straps are a plus. So comfortable you can sleep in it. I only wish* I could afford two, so I'll have a spare when I wash it. I ordered similar items from 2 other companies, and they were all a waste of money. I love this item, and the company is very supportive!" Who knew you could get high-quality shapewear that's better than other brands for less than $60? Save your time and money by shopping at FeelinGirls so you won't have to exert the extra effort of losing money and trying to find the perfect brand!

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Waist trainers and body shapers don't magically make you slimmer though it may seem like it. Because this shapewear isn't like your regular clothing due to the high-quality fabric, it has to ensure that it can compress your waist area without making breathing difficult for you.

You can find a good waist trainer at FeelinGirl with breathable and skin-friendly fabric that'll help you look glamorously sexy in no time! If you want both short-term and long-term effects, you've got nothing to worry about because you can have both by getting the proper trainer for you, along with exercise and a good diet.

Ms. Aubrianna G. proudly said, "I got a size smaller than I wear in clothes to make sure everything would get sucked in. It was the right choice for me. I'm 5" 4 and 140 if that helps. It's pretty hot for the summer but will help you feel more comfortable in tighter clothes. My husband said my ass looked great in it, so there's that. And it's not super obvious that you have it on. Which was a massive thing for me."

To ensure that you'll get what you're expecting, always read the product description and sizing guide below each product! They will help ensure you get the right fit like Ms. Aubrianna G. Having the right expectations when it comes to the shapewear you're buying will help you prevent unnecessary waste of time of exchanging what you purchased.

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Whether you're using the this form-fitting suit underneath your clothes or as a clothing aid to help support your body-shaping needs while exercising, finding the most appropriate, top-grade, and skin-friendly waist trainer will make your daily life easier and more comfortable.

The before and after pictures of these lovely women show that you, too, can have a fantastic body with fewer fat rolls, bulges, and visible love handles! Of course, nothing is wrong with them, but if you want to hide them so that your silhouette will look smoother, you've got the best body tool here!

FeelinGirl has various waist cinchers available such as vests, wrap-around, and those with belts, thigh trimmers, butt lifters, or arm trimmers. Selecting one or more trainers that fit your body's needs will help you in your fitness journey in the long run.

One of our best customers, Ms. Annelle Despaignes, gushed, "Here is an honest review about this body shaper*. It's meant to suck you in. It's going to be T I G H T! It is up to the buyer to deal with how much comfort ( or discomfort) they want to go through. I'm 195 lbs. at 5'3".

I have a decent size booty and a larger upper torso. This body shaper* makes me look like a goddess and all the right places. It takes a few extra minutes to squeeze into and will be uncomfortable at first, but I promise you will get used to it. Recommendation when you put it on the first time*.... put it on and take your time. Wear it for a few minutes at home. Watch TV, do laundry, do whatever.. get used to it. When it's showtime, it fits a little bit easier, and you are ready for the feeling. It's a must-have item in my closet. My husband drools every time is going out with it. I promise you won't be disappointed with the results."

Have you been convinced yet? Accurate results matter in choosing the best body tool for you, so there shouldn't be anything that hinders you from getting a few shapewear that you can rotate around in using in a week. We can't wait to see you feeling better and comfortable to wear any clothes you want!